Here are some of our most sought-after products which vary depending on the season. Check our social networks to stay up to date.

Ye Sheng Bai Ya Bao

White tea

Lu Bao Shi

Green Tea

Dian Huang

Yellow Tea

Dian Hong Jin Ya

Black Tea

Feng Huang Dan Cong

Oolong/Blue Tea

Tuo Cha Pu-Erh

Pu-Erh/Dark Tea

Maté vert du Brésil


Summer scents (Blend of apples, dates, peaches, strawberries, rose hip, hibiscus)

Herbal/Fruit Tea

Sencha Rosa ( Sencha green tea with rose petals, lemon verbena and lemon balm from Portugal)

Scented Tea

Concerning the tea preparations:


Tea prepared with a Kyusu or Hohin

(Available with reservation or depending on my availability)

Gong Fu Cha

(Available with reservation or depending on my availability)


(Available with reservation or depending on my availability)

Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Available with reservation or depending on my availability

Product Sale

We also sell the teas and mates we serve either in bulk or prepacked. To avoid needless waste, I encourage you to bring your own food containers, bags or boxes to preserve the tea.

Product Sale

All our products originate from small producers who avoid mass production as well as pesticides. I make it my mission to provide good quality tea.


For those who wish to take their tea with them, they can either bring their own thermos/cups or use one of our cups.

Deposit 5€

Cold beverages:

Kombucha, Iced Mate, Sirups

Homemade Iced Tea


I propose organic cakes and biscuits made by French and Belgian artisans as an accompaniment.

(From to bottom) Butter biscuits with apples; Buckwheat biscuits with cranberries and roasted almonds; Nougats; Butter biscuits with Earl Grey tea; Roasted buckwheat biscuits with orange blossom water; Lemon shortbread

Almond cake from the French Provence

Tea Accessories: